I provide a range of professional, high-quality editorial and proofreading services for independent authors. Whether you are looking for thorough copy-editing of your manuscript, help with final formatting for publication, or an entire suite of editorial help from first drafting to published book, I can tailor my services to meet your needs and requirements. My editorial principle is to improve a piece of writing while always respecting and honouring the author’s voice.


I will check and correct the following:

  • Grammatical sense
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax and phrasing
  • Spelling (conforming with either British or American spelling, and with any other client preferences, such as ‘-ise’ endings)
  • Consistency (e.g. of hyphenation, capitalization, number treatment)
  • Layout and formatting
  • Cross-references
  • Correlation of parts (e.g. correct ordering of chapters)
  • Presentation of references and bibliography

As standard, I provide a style sheet detailing any editorial choices to ensure consistency throughout the manuscript.


I can provide line-by-line editing in order to:

  • Improve style, phrasing, diction and fluency
  • Remove repetition and wordiness
  • Fix irregular or awkward sentences
  • Rewrite problematic passages
  • Enhance flow between paragraphs and chapters
  • Check for consistency of content and narrative
  • Ensure basic factual accuracy


I can format your manuscript for:

  • Publication on Amazon Kindle or Smashwords
  • Publication as a print-on-demand book (e.g. for CreateSpace or IngramSpark)
  • Submission to a literary agent or traditional publisher

Developmental and content editing

Depending on the project, I can provide developmental editing (advising on and assisting with the structure, organization and content of your manuscript) at any stage of the writing process. I will always inform you at the initial consultation whether I am best suited to any requirements you have for developmental editing. Although I have experience of working with a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres, I may not be appropriate for your specific genre.

Free initial consultation

I always provide a free initial consultation in order to discuss your project and editorial options. The consultation is an opportunity for you to learn more about how I can help you and to decide whether I am the best fit for your requirements; it entails no commitment from you. As part of this consultation, I will prepare a quote, detailing the work I can do for you, my rates for that work, and an overall fee for the project.